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Leadership communications, lesson 2: Common problems with how leaders communicate

Blogger Jeanne Yocum writes about ways small business owners can overcome four common stumbling blocks to good leadership communications.

Is your small business a dairy herd or a vending machine?

Laurie Breitner writes about two different business models for small businesses and keys to making them a success.

What makes a “good” employee? It starts with fit.

Blog contributor Laurie Breitner offers tips on how to hire wisely for your small business.

Do you dread doing performance reviews? Try these steps for better results

Blogger Laurie Breitner writes about ways to lower the tension level when conducting an employee performance review and thereby produce better outcomes for you and your employees.

Get your new small business hire off to a great start

Laurie Breitner explains the plan small businesses should put in place to assure that new hire get off to a good start.

Good small business reads #17: Tax tips for self-employed newbies, breaking bad habits, and bridging the generation gap

I come across so many good reads for small businesses on the Internet each month that it’s hard to narrow it down to just the top few. But here are my choices for December. I hope you find them useful.

Small business owners: 5 ways to finish 2011 strong!

On Thursday, we’ll be down to just one month left in 2011. Here are five things you can do in December to build a better, stronger business and get in position for a great 2012.

Hiring is easy, until you start to think about people

Laurie Breitner raises some important questions about the hiring process and how to handle various scenarios that arise around hiring choices you make for your small business.

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