Why health insurance is more vital than ever for small businesses (Infographc)

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By Henry Brown

As workplaces begin their preparation for post-COVID life, the topic of health has been brought further into the spotlight for small businesses. As small businesses need to provide a number of perks, one of the most important, yet basic we should provide is health insurance. But why do many small businesses not provide health insurance?

The cost

For many businesses, it is a Sophie’s Choice type situation, where companies feel the need to focus on the business rather than the employees. This only serves to demoralize employees, because they don’t feel they are covered by workplace perks. Health insurance is one of those areas that, when done right, can keep an employee for life, but employers need to factor this into their overall expenditure.

The stress of the post-COVID world

While there are more employees working in a hybrid or remote manner, it is still an area that necessitates sufficient support. If you want to navigate the anxieties your employees will naturally feel, health insurance is one of those areas that will work wonders for morale. Everybody is concerned that COVID-19 will impact business productivity, so if you want to reduce these anxieties, health insurance is the most pertinent perk.

What is the solution?

There are a variety of group health insurance plans for small businesses. You can look at the infographic below to get a better understanding. But make no mistake, health insurance is not just a perk that would be nice to have; in the modern business world, it is vital.

Infographic by Sana health insurance plans
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