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Travel and the small business owner: How to be a road warrior

Frequent business traveler and blogger Mark Auerbach offers great advice on how to get the most bang for your small business travel dollar.

How to exit your small business gracefully

Blogger Mark Auerbach provides great advice on the steps you need to take when you have to communicate that your business is closing.

Good small business reads #32: Goal setting, survival strategies, generating creativity and more

This month’s issue of Good Reads for Small Business covers goal setting, tips on how to get a slower payer to pay up, making sure you’re not discouraging workplace creativity and more.

Good small business reads #29: How to hire, manage fast growth, and get money out of late-payers

In the July issue of “Good Small Business Reads,” blogger Jeanne Yocum recommends three articles that will help you address common small business issues: late payers, how to hire, and managing rapid growth.

In this age of Big Data, don’t let your small business data go to waste

Blogger Karen Utgoff advises small businesses owners on the emerging trend of Big Data and the value that can be gained from mining your small business for data that will help improve decision making.

Good small business reads #26: Year-end tax moves, how to negotiate, and advice on employee bonuses

This issue of “Good Small Business Reads” includes links to articles on year-end tax tips, negotiating skills, achieving work/life balance and how to make employees happy.

Good small business reads #24: Saving on taxes, hiring wisely, and maintaining your focus

This month’s issue of “Good small business reads” touches on some hot button issues for small business owners.

A cautionary tale: Can you relate to the dilemmas this small business faces?

What perceptions and assumptions are holding your small business back, asks blogger Jeanne Yocum.

Four steps to help small business owners evaluate the financial wisdom of new business-building initiatives

Blogger Karen Utgoff recommends four steps small business owners should take to make good financial projections for new business-growing initiatives.

In your small business, success can come from telling employees the numbers

Blogger Laurie Breitner writes about the value of sharing key financial information with the employees of your small business.

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