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Making good first impressions is key to small business success

Mark G. Auerbach offers important tips on how to make a great first impression when meeting potential new customers for your small business.

Presto chango! Reinventing yourself to transition to a new career

Mark G. Auberbach shares advice provided by three people who made significant career changes.

How to keep your small business in the spotlight

Mark G. Auerbach points out great ways to keep your small business in the public eye.

Your media list should include…

Mark G. Auerbach points out that you should include blogges and podcasters on your small business media list to increase your media relations reach.

How arts nonprofits and artists can keep one step ahead of the business game

Mark G. Auerbach offers a host of resources that can help arts nonprofits and artists do a great job of running the business side of their operations.

Getting your board onboard

Mark G. Auerbach offers advice on how a nonprofit board of directors should operate.

‘Tis the season: A Giving Tuesday communications primer for nonprofits

Mark G. Auerbach offers tips to nonprofits on how to make the most of their Giving Tuesday communications.

First impressions: The importance of responding effectively to incoming calls and emails

Mark G. Auerbach discusses the importance of responding effectively and promptly to incoming calls and emails from customers or clients.

Talking points: How to develop this key marketing tool

Mark G. Auerbach offers advice on how to develop talking points that will help promote your small business.

Conversations in my head: An ongoing chat between the reporter and the PR guy

Mark G. Auerbach offers reflections on how small businesses and nonprofits can do a better job with media relations by putting aside mistaken beliefs about the media.

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