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First impressions: The importance of responding effectively to incoming calls and emails

Mark G. Auerbach discusses the importance of responding effectively and promptly to incoming calls and emails from customers or clients.

Talking points: How to develop this key marketing tool

Mark G. Auerbach offers advice on how to develop talking points that will help promote your small business.

Conversations in my head: An ongoing chat between the reporter and the PR guy

Mark G. Auerbach offers reflections on how small businesses and nonprofits can do a better job with media relations by putting aside mistaken beliefs about the media.

Planning a graceful exit from your small business

Mark Auerbach writes about a colleague who faces the task of closing his business after receiving a terminal diagnosis. What do you need to put in place is this happens to you?

Changing your messaging as we move toward the new “business as usual”

Mark G. Auerbach offers advice on how your business messaging should change as pandemic restrictions on business ease.

Succeeding in Small Business at eleven: Business as usual has changed

Mark G. Auerbach writes about how his business has evolved during the 11 years of the Succeeding in Small Business blog.

Internship programs: A boost for a small business – Part II

Four recent interns tell Mark G. Auerbach what students want from an internship and how companies can build a good internship program.

Internship programs: A boost for a small business – Part I

Mark G. Auerbach totes the many benefits of having an internship program in your small business and explains how to set one up.

Making the pandemic pivot with your small business

Mark G. Auerbach discusses how he pivoted his business during the pandemic and suggests ways you can do this, too.

The newsletter as a marketing tool

Mark Auerbach points to newsletters as an effective marketing tool for your small business or nonprofit.

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