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All the work world’s a stage

Mark G. Auerbach explains how skills learned for public performing translate into skills that are helpful in the workplace.

Public speaking is back as a marketing tool

Mark G. Auerbach reports that public speaking is back as a great marketing tool and offers tips on how to do you best in front of an audience.

Become a smarter media buyer

Mark G. Auerbach offers advice on how small business owners can take advantage of a changing media market to improve their advertising effectiveness.

Customer service: Handling complaints well is important

Mark G. Auerbach offers important advice on how to handle customer complaints and why it matters.

First impressions matter

Mark G. Auerbach discusses the importance of making a good first impression on potential and returning customers.

T’is the season (almost) so it’s time to get your holiday messaging ready

Mark G. Auerbach offers advice on how to do a great job with holiday marketing for your small business.

Changing course: When your health demands a shift in how your business operates

Mark G. Auerbach shares his story of facing a significant health issue while trying to run his small business.

Making good first impressions is key to small business success

Mark G. Auerbach offers important tips on how to make a great first impression when meeting potential new customers for your small business.

Presto chango! Reinventing yourself to transition to a new career

Mark G. Auberbach shares advice provided by three people who made significant career changes.

How to keep your small business in the spotlight

Mark G. Auerbach points out great ways to keep your small business in the public eye.

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