Good reads: Issue #4: Women and power, 12 client types and PR advice

Here are two articles I’ve come across lately that I thought were worth sharing:

1. In this post entitled “12 Breeds of Clients and How to Work With Them,” a blogger from the community of freelancers at does an excellent job of defining the types of clients a freelancer is likely to come across and gives tips on how to spot each type and ideas about how to deal with them. There’s the Always Urgent Client and the Get-a-Good-Deal Client, for example. And the one that sends me running from the room screaming the most, the Decision-by-Committee Client.

2. My good friend Sue Hammond, of SC Hammond Advisors, sent along this link to an article entitled “Women’s Big Power Struggle Now Lurks Within.” While the article is essentially a promo for a new book, it does pose the provocative question of why more women don’t grasp power, whether it be in politics or in business or in their personal lives. My favorite part? A quote from the Right Honorable Kim Campbell, former prime minister of Canada, who says, “Look, power exists. Somebody is going to have it. If you would exercise it ethically, why not you?” Indeed, why not YOU?

3.  Last but far from least, in this Quitter to Winner interview, my friend Michael Kusek provides some excellent public relations advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Michael really knows his stuff and does a standout job for his clients both here in the Pioneer Valley and beyond. Be sure to pay attention to  his PR do’s and don’ts.

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  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for the links to these good articles. Will read and report back some thoughts. Your articles are always thought provoking.

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