How to boost your business skills with microlearning (Infographic)

Image by Sandra Schön from Pixabay

By Briana Marvell

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or have been running your business for decades, you know that part of succeeding is looking for key ways to learn and grow. Traditionally, you may attend local socials, conferences, or sign up for a class to get to know other business leaders and study their tips and techniques. More recently, you likely have a go-to blog or YouTube channel to learn from — which is the perfect example of how you’re already microlearning.

Microlearning is the idea that concise and focused lessons help you retain more information and develop a habit of learning. It’s perfect for business owners looking to fill knowledge gaps or sharpen their edge. You don’t have to pay for a course that mostly covers what you already know when you can search out the information for yourself.

The biggest benefit of building your own lessons is that they’re custom for you. If you’re a visual learner then find a trusted expert on YouTube to get started. If you love audiobooks during the commute, try listening to entrepreneurial podcasts instead. Both of these methods have clear time limits and can easily be scheduled into a lunch or as part of your morning routine.

The trick to truly microlearning is to set a learning schedule and goal. You already know the information is out there, so instead of scouring the web retroactively, begin assessing where you still have room to grow. Then, schedule your lessons each week to stay on track and slowly build and implement your new skills.

Learn more about the benefits of microlearning and where we recommend you look to get started below in an infographic provided by


Briana Marvell is a content creator from Austin with interests in finance and career development. When she’s not at her desk, you can find her hiking with her dog, Miko, or enjoying a good book.

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