Key tips to efficiently moving your small business

Many small business owners need every day to count even when they move headquarters or office spaces. Moving can be stressful for the employer as you are in charge of everything, but the process doesn’t have to be that way. You can efficiently move your small business and quickly get back to filling orders and delivering exceptional customer service.

Caster wheels

Moving items with phenolic caster wheels makes relocating them easier than lifting and carrying. Heavy objects are much easier to move when they roll along the floor and right into the moving truck. Office chairs with caster wheels are not just fun to sit in and move about the office, they also easily roll to their next location. Furniture dollies use caster wheels to support your larger items such as desks and file cabinets.

Plan ahead

As with everything in your business, a little preplanning can help the entire move go smoothly. Know ahead of time who is responsible for what as this saves time when the move happens. No one is left scrambling to make sure it all goes to the new space. Delegating tasks to others saves you time and energy not stressing out over every small thing. You can simply go to the person in charge of that item, task or area and ask them about it.

Organize inventory

Even if you don’t have a lot of office furniture, supplies and inventory, you still benefit from creating an inventory prior to moving. Using a spreadsheet helps you easily keep track of your items, so you know if something is missing or lost during the transition. Another perk is that you know if you need to buy something when you get to the new location and can plan for those additional purchases before you move.

Pack ahead

Packing isn’t the most exciting part about moving, but it ensures your items get to where they need to. Pack as much as you can prior to the moving day. The more you pack ahead of time, the less stress and work you have on the day of the move. Clearly label boxes for easier moving.

Notify customers

For a smooth transition, inform your employees and customers of your proposed move ahead of time. Placing signs out front of the business is an easy way to inform passing customers and the public at large. By informing your staff and customers ahead of time, you prevent unnecessary questions on the day of the move. Customers are more likely to be understanding of any downtime and eagerly waiting to see the new location.

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