Organize your workplace to boost productivity

Productivity suffers when your desk looks like this.

By Hannah Thomas

When you know that the file you need at this instant is ‘’somewhere’’ on your desk, but you can’t find it right away, know that is time to reorganize your workplace. Chaotic desk and messy surrounding can only obstruct work efficiency since people spend so much time in search of stuff instead of actually working. Aside from messiness, the visual effect of the clutter, when daily confronted, can seriously inhibit basic work enthusiasm and productivity. Since it will benefit you in so many ways, take some time to clean up and organize your workspace.

Purge the office

It doesn’t matter where you start from since there has to be some throwaway material almost everywhere. Take a look around the office and mark the stuff that will go. Toss anything that needs to be replaced or is of no use any longer. This goes for old magazines, papers, documents, as well as the furniture or outdated decoration that suffocates the space. Get rid of it, but make sure to recycle and donate.

Clean your desk

Empty all the drawers, ditch the stuff that doesn’t belong there anymore and organize the remaining items by the priorities. Cleaning the surface of the desk can be done simultaneously by taking the stuff off the desk and putting them in the drawers. Make sure you keep the desk as clean as possible, with only a few necessary items that are being used daily.

Organize your computer

If there is chaos in the office, there is a great chance there’s a mess on your computer too. Delete the unused files, organize the icons and create a few more folders that will make your work tasks more visible and transparent. New folders should contain items that are on the to-do list, as well as the items that are already in process. Name them properly and make sure to check on them regularly.

Clear old piles

When time allows it, go through the pile of old files and sort it out, little at a time. While sorting them, make sure you’re filing them appropriately and not just moving the pile around. Using file labels can be quite helpful in locating stuff, for you as well as your coworkers.

Archive papers

Since many of the sorted files are probably related with completed projects, archive them in order not to stumble upon them again. Use some handy storage boxes or a filing cabinet to put them away, but make sure to label them so you can know where they are at all times.

Sort new stuff

The work will not stop just because you’ve decided to de-clutter right now, so try to be as agile as possible in sorting the incoming files and mail. Using trays for incoming papers can simplify sorting it out, for you, as well as your coworkers. Again, consider labeling the trays too, for it will significantly speed up the process.

Add some flowers

Offices can be quite uninspiring places, therefore elevating your workspace with a dash of nature will be a charming detail. Some research studies confirm that presence of the plant life can be a positive impact on work productivity, as well as on problem solving and creativity.

Maintain the office hygiene

Keeping the hygiene standard in the office is a must, not only because of the visual impression but for maintaining the safe and healthy setting in the workplace, as noted by professionals from Cleanworks. Bear in mind that the office equipment, as well as the washrooms, are being constantly used by the employees. Places like business offices require continuous cleaning with the purpose of providing their staff healthy work conditions.


Organizing and creating a sense of order in your workspace can make business run more smoothly. The well-ordered workplace will reduce stress, boost productivity and promote team spirit of the employees. It will also provide clean surrounding for uninterrupted workflow and efficient communication among coworkers. Considering all the benefits of proper organization, make time to establish some structure, maintain it, and accomplish more by reducing clutter and putting things in order.


Hannah Thomas is an expert in business innovation and management with a love for writing. She is always eager to learn new things and to share the knowledge she acquired along the way.


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