Safety-conscious home office ideas for entrepreneurs

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By Elena Stewart

Before the pandemic, many entrepreneurs weren’t overly concerned about safety when designing their home offices. Afterward, however, safety-conscious choices remain essential. If you need to update your space to make it safe (or safer), Succeeding in Small Business presents some tips that can help you put together a great design.

Key considerations for safe in-person meetings

If you’re meeting in person, you need to start with the basics. Understand that many people still desire an extra layer of protective measures, even this long after the pandemic. Here are some fundamental steps to take:

Wear appropriate masks

Open your windows

You also want to use certain technologies to limit contact. Along with web conferencing, try invoicing and payment software to avoid using paper bills or handling payment cards. The best invoicing software allows you to invoice electronically. This is not only safer but also increases the efficiency of your business.

Figure out where to put your home office

For a safety-conscious home office, you need to choose the right space. Ideally, you want a separate room with a door, allowing you to create some separation. By selecting a room with its own exterior door or a doorway near your home’s entrance, you also reduce the need for visitors to walk through other areas of your house, which is smart. Also keep in mind areas with trip hazards, as well as sharp edges and potential electrical hazards.

Creating a functional home office is also a wise decision if you may sell soon. Buyers are increasingly looking for homes with separate office spaces. By making the updates, taking before and after photos, and tracking costs, you may be able to get a higher appraisal value, allowing you to set a higher price when you list.

Ready your home office for in-person client

As you update the design of your home office, Cone Health suggests keeping social distancing in mind. For many, social distancing is part of the new normal. By positioning furniture strategically, you can keep everyone spread apart correctly.

If you have a damaged chair that you’d like to use in your office, contact an upholstery service to see about a repair. In most cases, a large couch costs an average of $1,800 to reupholster, though the exact cost will depend on the size, materials, and other factors. Add a few decorative pillows, including a sustainably-stylish lumbar pillow, and your room will be set for your first business meeting!

Set up for virtual visits

Going with virtual meetings is always the safer bet. Make sure you’re ready by installing broadband internet, preferably in a spot where you can use a hardline. When you get a camera and microphone, focus on quality, choosing the highest-performing option you can afford.

As for lighting, start by opening the curtains and blinds. Next, add table and floor lamps to illuminate darker areas. Finally, get a ring light for your face, ensuring you’re clearly visible.

Bonus tip: Protect your assets from litigation

When you operate a home-based business, Basepoint Wealth points out that your business structure matters for several reasons. One of which is keeping your assets safe during litigation. By choosing the right approach, you can safeguard your personal life.

In most cases, going with a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a simple way to protect personal assets. As an LLC, you can register as a tax entity like an S Corp, which often helps you save on your federal and state tax obligations. Additionally, you can use a formation service or file yourself to avoid hefty attorney fees. Just make sure you review how to form an S Corp; that way, you can handle the process correctly.

Create a safe and functional workspace

As the pandemic has continued, it’s become ever clearer to entrepreneurs the necessity of having a safe place to work. Using the tips above, you can make your home office safer for you, your family, and any clients who may visit your office.


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