Tips for moving your small business (infographic)

Moving to a new home often means people need to take at least a little time off work if they can’t wait until a weekend to make their move. Once they get all of their belongings into their new home, they usually have to go without certain items while they unpack and get settled. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of doing a move this way, however. It’s simply not feasible for most small businesses to put vital functions on hold while they settle into new space; customers and clients simply aren’t willing to wait.

No matter what reason your small business may be relocating, it’s essential that you plan well to help ensure that your move will go smoothly and cause as little disruption to your services as possible. For example, one of the biggest mistakes small businesses can make when preparing for a move is to fail to prepare properly. Not having everything packed and ready to go once the movers arrive will cause delays and cost you more money that you expected to spend on the move.

Proper preparation for your move also means doing due diligence when choosing the moving company. You should always be sure you receive at least three estimates from moving companies and do as much research as you can into finding reputable companies with strong reputations. Finally, choosing a moving company based solely on the lowest bid might mean you end up with a substandard mover that will surprise you with added costs after it’s too late to do anything about it.

Failing to be prepared when you embark on a corporate move can seriously harm your business and potentially negate any advantages you may have sought by moving in the first place. Without a solid plan in place, your business can fall into some easily avoidable pitfalls and create a real disaster. The infographic below contains advice for small businesses before they go through with a corporate relocation. Follow them, and you can avoid many of the most common headaches small businesses experience and prevent losing one more second of productivity than is necessary.

Corporate Moving tips created by Rainbow Movers

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