Tired of error 404? Here’s 4 ways to fix your online store

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By Tarah Mills

If you are running a company offering an online store, you cannot run the risk of tech issues ruining your business. And when your browser does not function right, your accessibility features are not productive, and the overall success of your company definitely can fill the effects.

With poor technology plaguing your business, you and your customers far too often get an “error 404” notification. If you are tired of “error 404” popping up, you should be. In fact, this issue can kill your business.

One of the most obvious negative impacts will be your limited ability to sell through your online store. In addition to fixing web connectivity and removing those annoying error messages, you also have three other parts to your website that must function right to ensure your online store is profitable. Read on to learn about all four of the tips that will fix your store’s weaknesses and give you the results you want.

Make tech upgrades and consider help

Your “error 404” notification problems and other tech glitches can be fixed, and your employees and customers can make proper use of your site. And even if you have a tech team at your company, your team might not be able to remedy all the different situations because of poor technology. You might benefit from third-party IT support.

For IT support, NYC has professionals you can consult with to help with these matters. Not only can you get help with addressing your current problems, but you also can count on these types of consultants for ongoing support.

Examine merchant and shipping services

If you do not have the right merchant service provider, you might be paying out too much of your money. You must have a payment merchant that will not take too large a percentage of your transaction. Have you worked with your current merchant to see if you can save more money?

You also can save money by renegotiating your shipping services. Make sure you are using a shipping service that gives the best prices and the best possible shipping time-tables. And do not forget that your customers notice the quality of your merchant and shipping services, too.

Declutter and reorganize your site

If your online store’s site is cluttered and lacking the correct order, your bounce rate will be much higher. Your site visitors will not stay at your site as long as they should, and your site visitors will not be customers during that site visit.

You also run the risk of current customers finding better sites with your similar or exact products. Your site is more than just a place to look and buy. You must be certain to implement the most-effective layout for your online store’s website. If you need to fix the clutter and lack of order, you should do this as soon as possible.

Create engaging content with calls to action

Failure to have engaging content also impacts your bounce rate. You run the risk of site visitors not learning about the value of your products, too. And of course, you do not make those sales you need to make. Item descriptions must be engaging with clear benefits and specifications, and you must be as detailed as possible to make certain you don’t have too much fluff and not enough engaging content. Always make sure you do not get too wordy and long-winded. You also must consider graphics, photos, and videos in addition to the written content.

Your content always needs to have calls to action. Use engaging words and phrases that will motivate people to take action and when using media for content use captioning. You need to direct people to different parts of your site, and you will not do that without engaging content that includes calls to action.

Easy fixes

Each of the four tips just discussed is sure to help your online store. Depending on your situation, you might need to use one of all of the covered tips. No matter your needs and the significance of your issues, you now know the easy fixes for your online store. And that includes being able to fix that annoying “error 404” notification.


Tarah Mills has always had a passion for writing. Her philosophy is that not only can writing be educational, but it can change the world. While she is dedicated to her work, she still enjoys a good game of basketball, curling up to a good book, and all things Star Wars. She currently resides in the Richmond, Virginia, area with her family.


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