Good reads: Issue #1

I plan to start sharing good reads I find online. Here are three articles I came across last week that talk about important topics for small business owners.

Customer relationship very much like personal relationship. This news article reports on the findings of a new study that looked at how psychological theories apply to marketing and customer relationship management. (Yes, that IS a mouthful.) In particular, the researcher, Marnix Bugel, looked at whether the psychological theories explaining the bond a married couple has also apply to the bond between companies and their customers. The findings are quite interesting and provide some guidance for how you should relate to your customers, particularly in the early stages of your relationship.

Where’s the value? – Put others before yourself. In this blog post by my client, Stefan Lindegaard, he talks about how companies who are working in the open innovation realm need to make the benefits and value of their programs clear to the external people with whom they hope to engage. But replace the words “open innovation” with client relationships, and you have a nice lesson on making sure you communicate your product and your company’s value clearly to prospects and existing customers.

• A great resource for leaders and professionals. On the Guerilla Leadership site, Jonathan Gilburg points us in the direction of a terrific online resource called Goose Educational Media, where you can find reviews and very brief excerpts from popular leadership and personal development books, all in one handy place. None of us can read too many books that will help us become better at leading our business, but with book prices being what they are, having good reviews to guide us and being able to get a little taste for a book in advance of purchase is most helpful.

Happy reading!

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