Ways to modernize your small business

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By Brooke Chaplan

Congratulations, your small business is up and running and doing well. However, it will not be easy to stay competitive in this technological world. Large companies have access to money you may not have. Here are some steps to modernize your small business while keeping your budget intact.

Social media is a must

For many, that idea may seem a straightforward decision, but it may still intimidate others. However, social media outlets are only going to grow. Even the neighborhood barber has a social media account. However, social media is for more than posting about your latest sale. It is about gaining insight into your customer base. What are your customers’ needs, when are they online shopping, and what do they like? Thanks to social media analytics, this information can be revealed in real-time. You, in turn, now have the opportunity to adjust and respond promptly.

Digital signage

There are several advantages for a small business to use digital signage. The top reason is they draw attention. They are also easy to update. You will save money by not ordering new signs every time you have something new to say. Saving this money now will mean you can invest in future projects or keep on hand in case of an unforeseen event that has happened. Also, they help to boost impulse buying. Digital signs make it easy to promote sales and discounts, which will help to get customers into the store.

Good-bye filing cabinet

Do you still store your necessary paperwork in a file cabinet and keep your contact list on a Rolodex? It is time to invest in a cloud-based system. Most cloud-based services are offered on a monthly install plan, making it more affordable for your business. All your data will now be accessible from most devices, making it easier for you. There is no more heading back to the store to pick up the paperwork you just remembered to take with you. This is also handy, especially in the case of a flood or fire accident. You would easily lose all that information gathered up but if you were to save it electronically on a cloud, you could access it all even after the unfortunate event.

Employee communication

Sending emails is no longer the most effective way to communicate with your employees, nor for your employees to communicate with each other. Also, employees are beginning to check their emails less frequently and could easily miss an important reminder. Most businesses are investing in messaging tools and apps to communicate with one another. Messaging tools save time and money and keep everyone in the loop.

If you want to stay competitive or even get ahead of the pack, using modern technology will be required. Small businesses that will modernize and try the latest tech will be the ones that continue to grow and be successful. It is always important to take these risks and end up above in the end. Consider using these tips to get you started on the road to modernization.


Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. For more information contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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