What form of advertising to use for your new small business

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By Henry Brown

Starting a small business is a process that takes time and dedication. Once you have your initial idea you have to draw up a business plan, find investors, and start developing the business. Often the process of finding customers comes later. When it does arrive it is no less involved, but these days there are some excellent resources to help. Below is a run-down of the various forms of advertising you should consider for your small business. In addition to what types of ads to use, another consideration is whether you need to consult with advertising experts to make sure you’re on the right track with your messaging and with your placements. For example, if you’re starting a pest control business, you might want to consult with a pest control advertising service to make sure you get the most advertising bang for your advertising buck. This is especially true in the early days of your business when you have not yet gained your own expertise in marketing.

Social media advertising

In recent time advertising has become more focused and more effective. The practice of mass advertising is now somewhat dated due in part to its inefficiency.

Enter social media advertising. This medium allows small businesses to zero in on their target audience and promote relevant products to them at the right times. A retail store, for instance, will be able to market a new product to a local audience who they know likes the product. The advert will also go out at a relevant time.

Pay-per-click advertising

Another excellent form of advertising for small businesses that want to get noticed online is pay-per-click ads. These are small search engines that pop up on users’ search pages.

A pay-per-click ad is displayed on the search page of a browser depending on the price paid for the ad. More expensive ads will be more prominent. Your small business will only be charged it’ll the ad is clicked.

If you’re wondering whether this form of advertising is effective you only have to look at the stats. According to a WordStream survey businesses earn $2 for every $1 spent on Google ads.

Broadcast advertising

Today a lot is made of digital advertising, and for good reason, but there is still a place for conventional advertising for small businesses. Don’t overlook the benefits of broadcast advertising on TV or radio. To learn what kind of audience advertising on cable TV might bring you, find cable tv statistics click here.

Advertising on broadcast media like Sirius XM is an excellent way to reach a target audience. Since Sirius XM is also a subscription service you know the listeners are relevant: find out How to Advertise on Sirius XM here.

When you promote your business through a local radio station like Sirius XM you reach a broad but dedicated audience. You also reach a local audience more likely to trust and invest in your company.

Mobile advertising

How would you like to reach your ideal customer with the product they want at the exact time they need it. This is what mobile advertising can do for your small business operating locally.

Let’s say you run a coffee shop and your customer has randomly bought a latte from you in the past. They happen to be cycling in the area when they receive an ad prompting discount lattes.

Mobile ads can take the form of display ads, search ads, videos, and apps. They can be sent new and existing customers based on browsing history or regional proximity.

Print advertising

Another conventional form of advertising that isn’t going anywhere is print advertising. This was once the main form of advertising your small business before digital advertising took over the mantle; still, it has much to offer.

Unlike digital advertising, print advertising won’t tell you how many people saw your ads and went on to make a purchase. It is also more expensive now as the demand for it falls, but it is useful for certain demographics.

If you market to older people who are less digitally engaged, then print advertising might be more effective. Print advertising includes newspapers, magazines, and flyers.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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