How adopting clear messaging helps you gain customers

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By Moses Mehraban

Clear messaging connects you with visitors, audience, and potential customers. With readable messages and easy to understand information, there is a greater possibility of converting visitors into successful customers.

Having an attractive website is not enough if your visitors cannot understand what product or service you offer. Clear communication is something that every business owner should invest in to gain more customers.

Visitors easily learn about the services your company provides

New businesses commonly go through difficulties in connecting with potential clients and a big audience. They may find it hard to write words and phrases that state a strong, powerful message describing their business. One example of potential hazards is the tendency to provide information and description of the products yet failing to showcase the benefits of using them.

Clear messaging is an essential factor that ensures your visitors are satisfied with what they see and learn from your website. It is all about minimizing the chance of confusing them, such as giving clear information about your products or services and how it will benefit them. This way, your website visitors will instantly absorb and appreciate your offers. And may avail of your products or services sooner rather than never.

If you want to win the competition, you have to get your visitor’s heart through clear messaging.

Tips to follow to gain more customers

With these tips, you can write clear messages and gain more customers:

-Adjust your language to your target audience

Always presume that your target audience is smart and intelligent. Thus, you need to adjust your language to the level that they can relate to and understand. If you are writing clear messages to persuade and target your audience, you have to write words and phrases that resonate with them. They should feel that you care about them with your words and messages.

-Make your website visually appealing

An attractive and appealing website allows you to reach and catch the attention of visitors. The visual elements of your website are essential. It encourages them to explore the website deeply as you communicate with them through graphics and clear messages. So take advantage of the marketing services provided by a StoryBrand consultant.

-Start with the most essential information

The essential information that your visitors want to know is a clear description of your business and what you offer. You don’t have to make things a little more complicated.

Start with clear and informative descriptions of the products or services you offer. It is the most efficient way to get the interest of your visitors. It will be more comprehensive for them if you will be able to state how and what benefits they can get from your products. Of course, you should never forget to include your contact information.

-Clearly define your services

You will benefit a lot when you give your visitors a clear definition of your services. It is necessary that you clearly define your services. Your visitors and audience want to know how you can help them solve their problems or provide the things or services they are looking for.

-Escape from unclear images

Visitors are happy when they see clear images on the website. When you display images on your website, it is best to escape away from unclear, blurred images. Images and other graphics are great visual descriptions of your business and your brand.

They are vital to converting visits and clicks to sales. However, uploading pictures on your website is not just about adding high-resolution images. You need to consider the appropriate size and fit into your site.

-Create clear navigation to guide your visitors

Visitors want an easy-to-navigate website. If you desire to gain more customers, you need to make your webpage user-friendly. Give your visitors some visual elements and clear messages. If possible, make it a point to lead your visitors to the solutions that they are looking for in just a matter of 3 clicks.


Clear messaging plays an important role when it comes to leading your visitors to your website and improving their entire journey, resulting in successful sales. Clear communication and informative description make up quality and credible websites. In one way or another, the need for clear messaging is significant if you want to gain new visitors and more customers.


Moses Mehraban is a StoryBrand Certified Guide and Copywriter at Creativeo. Currently he lives outside of Toronto after living for nearly 15 years in the Caribbean and Europe. He is married and has a little rascal and two Mini Goldendoodles Foofy and Fluffs.

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