Looking inward: Essential small business investments

By Henry Brown

The task of achieving business profits can be a long and difficult road. But as the saying goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money. Investing back into your small business is one of the most essential actions that any company owner has to undertake, but it’s vital for businesses that are small in scale to use what little finances they have spare wisely. What are the most essential small business investments you could make so that your business travels further?

Invest In more platforms

The struggle with every small business is having a comprehensive appearance on all forms of social media. However, it isn’t just social media that needs to be considered. You need to look at every single platform that you could potentially appear on. This means taking advantage of website designers, enterprise ecommerce page creators, and consulting a marketing company to get a proper idea of where you are falling down when it comes to getting your business visible online.

Learning & development

It’s vital to invest in your employees, but it’s also vital to invest in their education. Sometimes employers place more emphasis on having our employees sit in their chairs more than the knowledge they possess. To refocus back onto what employees know and how they can best implement it, provide them with proper learning and development courses.

Your employees are your company’s most important resource, so show them you care enough to invest in a comprehensive training course that doesn’t just teach the basics, but gives them a thorough understanding of certain aspects of their work. This shows them you are investing in their future with the business. It’s not just about making sure they know the basics; it’s about arming them with a range of tools that benefits your business, now and in the future. You can supplement this education by investing in business education tools how much as e-learning, so they can continue their learning long after they’ve left the classroom.


Sometimes we can struggle to stay afloat, especially when there are tasks that we either find difficult to do, or for which we simply don’t have adequate internal resources. Investing in a contractor to complete these tasks is something every business is doing to an extent now. Not only is it a worthwhile investment, but it’s actually a cheaper one, depending on the task.

By using specific contractors, it’s not just beneficial on your expenses, but it will improve your business. There is still a dichotomy as to whether outsourcing is actually beneficial in terms of staff morale, but as far as investment is concerned, it’s one of those essential ones we have to make from time to time. And this could be the way your small business stays afloat in difficult times!

Investment is nothing new, but when many budding entrepreneurs look at improving their business, the cash investments are usually made outwards by focusing on external procedures, rather than focusing their attentions on what really matters inside the company. Instead, consider making these investments back into what really matters: your various platforms and your employees as well as their appropriate skills. Investing back into the business, by using these approaches, will give your business that all-important traction to progress to the next level.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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