Reddit & the power of microblogging ads for your business

By Paul Matthews

When it comes to forums, microblogs and everything that puts content in front of a community of people interested in a common topic, there are a lot of possibilities, on Reddit in particular. Whether if it’s for content marketing or brand awareness, here are the top 4 tips on how to use Reddit as part of a powerful marketing campaign.

H1: Understand the interface & how it works

First of all, it’s important to understand every Reddit dynamic and what type of content is going viral if that is your purpose for your product/business/content. Reddit’s front page is the front page of the internet since everything that goes on it then ranks on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

If your plan is revolved around creating relevant content for a niche product or content then this might not be what you want, but it’s important to research for quality subreddits that are active and possibly with a lot of subs.

[amazon_link asins=’B00TYM7QR0′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’succeedingin-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’412c5a0e-495a-11e8-b3a9-7905a9ef0f0a’]H2: The content

If you haven’t properly prepared some pieces of content for this strategy, then don’t even bother trying it, as it is 100% certain to be a failure, especially if your content is based on Technology, Development and Business in general. These topics are quite well covered in almost every form, so try and dive in only if you are an incredible expert, otherwise your content marketing strategy will result in a double-edged sword.

H3: Now what?

Once you picked the right subreddit, you don’t have to be too direct: you don’t want people to understand that you are advertising a product or your specific content. Try and slide in a link after a long comment with RELEVANT pieces of information about the topic and not about what you want to cover. If you are, for example, working on behalf of some conveyancing solicitors, don’t just put it out of nowhere, but try and play with words following what the others wrote before. The first and most important rule of Reddit is this: Don’t comment back with something that hasn’t been previously covered in the thread.

H4: Does this work at all?

Don’t consider Reddit and microblogging posts as a direct form of advertisement, but consider both as an incredible tool for networking, as the word of mouth can rank you up straight to the first page (if that is your plan). The absolute best piece of advice while being a Redditor is: be funny when you have to, be professional when you have to, compliment people even if you think they are saying something that is absolutely out of this world and be consistant when it comes to posting.


Paul Matthews is a freelance business writer in Manchester, using various sources, in particular Reddit and Forbes. His aim is to better inform business owners and professionals on the potential of the internet. You can often find him mountain biking or at the local library.

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