5 reasons to start your own podcast right now

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By Brian Perry

Ever heard of orange is the new black? That is what a podcast is to video. The world is still reeling from the ongoing craze and demand for entertainment across the world wide web, similar to casinos online. And even though it still has a lot of markets, the competition is humongous. However, that is not the case for podcasts. It may not be new as a product but as a trend. Hence it is still comparatively easier to get exposure. Before highlighting the top 5 reasons to start your podcast right away, let us quickly understand what a podcast means.

What do you mean by a podcast?

A podcast is nothing but a radio show. The name comes from iPod and Broadcast, but the essence is the same. It is an audio show presented in the form of episodes on broadcast mediums. Producers can use either free or paid hosting channels or their own websites to broadcast their podcasts online and reach an audience. Like video productions, making a podcast is easy, which we will address later in the article. Let us first understand what makes it a must for you.

Why do you need your own podcast now?

Not many people are readers; even if some are, most people prefer audio or video versions for quicker solutions, hence the popularity of podcasts. It is much easier to ask Alexa or Google to start your favorite podcast while working on something else. Listening to podcasts is a relaxing and equally valuable addition. But these reasons are of the listeners for their attraction towards podcasts more than blogs, e-books, and even videos. Here are what should be yours to start a podcast production, the top five important factors:

Reason 1 to have your own podcast: growing trend with a lot of potential for the future

Starting a podcast now means the same opportunity that YouTube held for early channel makers. Early YouTubers are multi-millionaires now; imagine what you would be! It is because there are listeners, but many subjects uncovered that have the potential to interest and attract listeners.

Reason 2 to have your own podcast: less competition

One of the most important reasons to work for a podcast right now is that there is still little competition. It means success would be easy to get and would be long-lasting. Unlike building a blog and YouTube channel, both of which need tremendous work for SEO and content creation.

Reason 3 to have your own podcast: easy to influence people

That’s right! It is easier to ask people to listen to your podcast than asking them to watch your video or read your blog. It is easier to play an audio file while multi-tasking. If your content is good and you are a good speaker who can hook the listener in the first two minutes of the audio file, you are winning as a podcast creator.

Reason 4 to have your own podcast: easy and cheap production

Contrary to popular belief creating a podcast doesn’t require a full-fledged studio. You can either purchase a podcast kit or use your phone or computer’s microphone and speakers initially. Also, the computer is a necessity because how else will you create, edit, and broadcast digital content like podcasts.

Reason 5 to have your own podcast: easy money

People can earn money from their podcasts. However, before you start, you should know that there are two ways of monetizing podcasts. You can either garner a few thousand listeners first and then get sponsorships or promote your own products and services. The second option allows you to use your podcast as a branding tool for your business and position yourself as an industry leader.

How to create a podcast of your own?

While the advantages of building your own podcast are hard to ignore, the very next question that pops up in mind is how to be a podcast creator. Besides the equipment, it is the hosting that always stops people from trying out podcasts or audio production. However, the following section solves the issue by revealing the three requirements for a podcast of your own.

Podcast app

Given the growing popularity of podcasts, multiple platforms are emerging for hosting them. Although creating a podcast on youtube is possible, you cannot upload an MP3 or an audio file on the online video platform. But there are online tools available on the internet to convert audio to video files for YouTube using an image for the background. Besides, Spotify, BuzzSprout, Captivate, Transistor, etc., help you with podcast hosting. Do an online search for the best podcast hosting options in your country to find the most suitable choices for your location and even genre.

Podcast equipment

As for the equipment, all you need is a microphone, a headphone, a laptop, and some podcast editing tools. Some broadcasters offer their own set of editing systems; you can either use them or download other popular audio editing software. For example, Audacity, Garage Band, Pro Tools First are the most favored tools by sound editors worldwide for podcast free on both mac and windows.

Podcast ideas

After covering the technical side of the requirements, comes the most crucial point that needs planning and research. It is the content. Make a quick research on broadcasting mediums for a podcast idea that will suit you. You must choose a subject you are aware of and like because you will need to produce regular content to profit from it. You can talk about anything from film reviews, stories, art, motivation, mind, science, fun facts, lesser-known things in the world; the list can be endless. Choose an idea that suits you well, and then do a quick research on your competitors, if any, and how do they talk. It will help you to get inspiration for your podcast, learn how to speak, and most importantly, learn what not to say. Because podcasts are still new and small in numbers, you can create unique content and hence must.

On a closing note, you must know that podcasts are people’s favorite because it is conversational and fun. The listeners connect because they feel the speaker is connecting one-on-one. Besides working on the podcast, ideas concentrate on story-telling while preparing the script. Also, planning gives your audio content a structure. A perfect structure has an introduction to hook listeners, a body that builds up anticipation, and a happy conclusion with an endnote to make them want to listen to the next episode. Why do you plan to start your podcast? Comment below!


Brian Perry is a passionate writer, enthusiastic graphic designer, traveler and dog lover. In his spare time, Brian loves bicycle rides with his dog, read books and yoga sessions.

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