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On the brand wagon: If the media doesn’t get your message, no one else will

Marketing expert Mark Auerbach provides a cautionary tale about how not to launch a new brand into the marketplace.

The marketing holy trinity small businesses must master

To excel at marketing your small business, Henry Brown advises that you have to master image, brand and voice.

Are your customers getting the most important message?

Blogger Henry Brown discusses how to make sure your customers and prospects are getting your brand’s message.

Why visual branding is so important to your small business

Blogger Henry Brown provides good advice about branding your small business.

7 brand-building tips for startups

Guest poster Emma Miller gives advice on how to build a strong brand for your startup business.

Why choosing the right company name is important when starting your business

Guest poster Ranjit Shah writes about the importance of choosing a good name for your new business.

Precision is priceless: Why accuracy matters in your small business

Blogger Henry Brown writes about the importance of focusing on quality and precision in your small business, instead of taking a slap-dash approach.

Make your next marketing promotion a big success

Blogger Henry Brown suggests ways you can make sure your next marketing promotion pulls in customers and boosts sales.

Logo design tips for small businesses

Guest poster Melissa Lang writes about the importance of getting a key piece of your small business branding right — your logo.

The 5 stages of gaining a new and loyal customer

Blogger Henry Brown writes about the five stages customers go through as they decide whether to patronize your small business.

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